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t h e – I – t h i n g

The design of this set of  四 postcards is based on an ancient Chinese text known as the I Ching or the Book of Changes. I have been inspired by the beauty and balance of the hexagrams over time (I have never seen the text itself though), and I incorporated pieces of the past, present, and future in them. #55 abundance #16 enthusiasm #22 grace #61 inner truth       #time #narrative  — ————- ———————– — — ————– — ——————  # ———————   —- —————— ——————————- — ————– —————- ——————– — —————– — With warm memories of the first time I heard the first chords of Gravity played live by its maker himself, φauline    

T h e ∃ d g e H o g s

The ∃dge Hogs (2017) zijn het resultaat van een existentieel experiment met potloden die de maakster voor haar achttiende verjaardag kreeg. Ze zijn dol op fruit, gaan graag naar verjaardagsfeestjes en vinden het gezellig om kleintjes te verwelkomen. Aangezien The ∃dge Hogs van de natuur houden, wonen zij het liefst op gerecycled papier. * The ∃dge Hogs (2017) are the result of an existential experiment with pencils — given to the maker for her 18th birthday. They love fruits, birthday parties and baby ∃dge Hogs. As they enjoy the beauty of nature, they prefer to live on recycled paper. Happy New Year, dear reader.  May you find an ∃dge Hog in 2018! * φauline t h e  ∃ d g e  h o g s  #time