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t h e – I – t h i n g

The design of this set of  四 postcards is based on an ancient Chinese text known as the I Ching or the Book of Changes. I have been inspired by the beauty and balance of the hexagrams over time (I have never seen the text itself though), and I incorporated pieces of the past, present, and future in them. #55 abundance #16 enthusiasm #22 grace #61 inner truth       #time #narrative  — ————- ———————– — — ————– — ——————  # ———————   —- —————— ——————————- — ————– —————- ——————– — —————– — With warm memories of the first time I heard the first chords of Gravity played live by its maker himself, φauline    

T h e ∃ d g e H o g s

The ∃dge Hogs (2017) zijn het resultaat van een existentieel experiment met potloden die de maakster voor haar achttiende verjaardag kreeg. Ze zijn dol op fruit, gaan graag naar verjaardagsfeestjes en vinden het gezellig om kleintjes te verwelkomen. Aangezien The ∃dge Hogs van de natuur houden, wonen zij het liefst op gerecycled papier. * The ∃dge Hogs (2017) are the result of an existential experiment with pencils — given to the maker for her 18th birthday. They love fruits, birthday parties and baby ∃dge Hogs. As they enjoy the beauty of nature, they prefer to live on recycled paper. Happy New Year, dear reader.  May you find an ∃dge Hog in 2018! * φauline t h e  ∃ d g e  h o g s  #time  

warme chocolade-kokosmelk met kaneel + kardemom

voor de regenachtige zondagen i n g r e d i ë n t e n (voor 2 paar warme handen) 200 ml kokosmelk 200 ml water 4 tl cacao 2 tl gouden basterdsuiker ½ tl kaneelpoeder ½ tl vanille-extract snuf kardemompoeder handvol kleine, schattige marshmallows w a r m e  c h o c o l a d e – k o k o s m e l k  m e t  k a n e e l  +  k a r d e m o m 手 Schenk de kokosmelk in een steelpan. Voeg het water en het vanille-extract toe. 手 Terwijl je de pan opwarmt, voeg je de cacao, de gouden basterdsuiker, het kaneelpoeder en een snuf kardemompoeder toe. 手 Warm het geheel al roerende met een garde op en zet het vuur uit vóór de chocolade-kokosmelk gaat koken. 手 Vul twee mokken met kruidige warmte. Benut dan alle vier de handen (vol) en serveer de mokken met bergen marshmallows. Met warme voeten en een doosje cacao van Blooker, φauline

the sky is crying

Look at the tears roll down the street – Elmore James (I had no idea it was Elmore’s – I still hear Stevie Ray) There is something about stormy weather I like. I particularly go wild like a crazy woman when there is thunder involved (storm without thunder is like cake without sugar). And there should be plenty of tears falling out of a very emotional sky (thunder without heavy rainfall is like softijs without a generous amount of spikkels). When that happens, I get this overwhelming urge to at least get half of my body outside (cause it can be dangerous), breathe in the sounds of relief and jump up and down. I remember an episode of thunderstorm some years ago when I was attending the most boring conference ever and experiencing the traumatic agony of restraining myself to not open the doors and windows and have a proper look at what was going on outside. s e t  m e  f r e e  *  s e t  m e  f r e …

time and things

Every year – when a new year starts with the sounds of the brightest shooting stars in the sky – I think about the things I have learned and done in the old year. There are always things that could have gone better, but luckily there are always things that went pretty well and that brought color to my days. After this evaluation, I think about the things I want to do in the new year. In my mind I make a list of things I really want to do and the things I somehow really need to learn. And it seems that the days are always too short and the weeks too full to decently tick off the items of these yearly bucket lists. Therefore, this time, I decided to make time. I am making time to make things. Frequently asked question: “So, what are you going to make?” Frequently given answer: “It is a big surprise. Very big.” (This is my way of saying that I don’t know either.) *eye-rolling* Currently, all tools …